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One of the exceptional ingredients of IDROTHERAPY is an amino acid called 'Matryxl' that promotes face lift and reverses wrinkles for bright and firm skin.

In double-blind scientific studies, immediate skin lifting was observed and connected to the Idrotherapy ingredients. Applying Idrotherapy twice a day demonstrated face lift results within only 4 weeks of use. Skin care specialists and dermatologists hint that the exceptional results are due to a pair of unique formula.
After less than 45 days of use, Idrotherapy has produced astounding results. The aggressive blend of Renovage and Matrixly found in Idrotherapy drastically diminishes all signs of aging, creating another satisfied (younger looking) customer. Another job well done, for Idrotherapy – the internet’s leading wrinkle eraser.”
Blending Renovage with Matrixyl actually fills wrinkles, increasing skin thickness by as much as 9% in four months or less. Idrotherapy’s formula includes peptide which belong to the family of matrikines (peptidic fragments, messengers of the natural process of tissue repair), and is designed to replace retinol and its esters, making it an efficient anti-wrinkle solution. Acting without any toxicological dangers, Idrotherapy is STRONGER than Retinol.

The other key to reducing and erasing wrinkles is prolonging cell and tissue life span, or improving the overall cell metabolism. This is the real science behind Idrotherapy, working at the orgin of metabolism, it exerts a protective and repairing effect on both skin function and structure, in addition to improving moisture by up to 83%. How can your skin NOT look younger? Idrotherapy will protect, repair and hydrate your skin at the cellular level. When its results that you want, those in the know use Idrotherapy to look younger and stay looking younger. Now, Idrotherapy is available to the masses. Formulated for Hollywood and offered to Main street to try through special promotion – is quickly becoming one of the hottest products in skin care. And with good reason. It works.
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this ingredient was derived from a Nobel Prize winning team of scientists. Renovage helps to shield telomeres (part of the DNA structure of a cell) which protects the end of our chromosomes, ultimately meaning they preserve the skin cells from deteriorating. This breakthrough ingredient is used to repair and maintain proper telomere levels. This is important because telomeres decrease production as they age. They are often compared to the plastic tips that hold together shoelaces - they are a safety gauge for your DNA. Renovage treats telomere levels and helps the skin maintain healthy levels of telomerase, which is extremely important to the overall success of keeping healthy skin. Rebuiding and maintaining healthy skin is paramount to youthful looking skin. As cells age their ability to regenerate and revitalize diminishes. Renovage reverses this cycle of decline, prolonging cell life and efficiency. Renovage is a key ingredient in Idrotherapy.


is a peptide that is also known as micro-collagen. The truth is that it does in fact work like collagen to help treat wrinkles. Because of this, many people are touting it as a replacement for collagen within the body, however, it is much more than this. Matrixyl is more than a collagen replacement because it also helps the body to create new collagen. This ingredient works by isolating the cells responsible for collagen creation and kicking them back into gear. These cells are known to slow down as we age, despite ample evidence that they are still fully capable of producing high amounts of collagen. Matrixyl separates these cells from the aged tissue so that they can effectively do their job in producing the collagen needed to stop wrinkles. When Matrixyl is used as part of an effective product and is used as recommended, it can have strong anti aging properties. This single ingredient offers the fast acting effect of supplementing the body's lacking collagen while helping to create new production. This results in both a long and short term anti-aging effects that can be quite dramatic.
Being a beach lover took a toll on my skin, with lines around my eyes and my mouth getting more noticeable. I started shopping for the magic formula, and my friend recommended IDROTHERAPY. I researched it online and ended up trying it. I have been applying the cream for the last 3 months and I can already see the results. The lines are definitely smoother and less apparent. Bonus – no animal testing!
Susu, Florida
I am a model/actress so my skin is very important to me, I am now on day 5 of idrotherapy and already see results! My fine lines look more smooth and even, my skin looks softer and more radiant! I love what I see so far! Vanessa, California
I started using Idrotherapy after my skin was damaged from the sun. Not long after using this product, my skin felt a looked smoother. Amber
What a great product! After a week my face was smoother and felt great. Definately a product that will be used for years to come! Kelly